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Mexican Independence, or what are we celebrating

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The place where I was born. The country of my best friends and most of my ancestors.

What are we celebrating this September 15th?

Basically, the beginning of the Independence war, in 1810, that made this country free from the spanish colony that ruled for more or less 300 years.

Then, this year called “Bicentenario” (200 years) we are also celebrating the first century of the Mexican Revolution, in 1910.

I’m not sure if we’re celebrating independence, because after all of that time, we now speak spanish and acquired a lot of uses and costumes, like religion for example. I’m not sure if this country achieved great changes with the Revolution… Sadly, a lot of people in my country still lives in extreme poverty, and recieves nothing more than 5 USD a day -or less- to maintain themselves and their families. A lot of mexicans still need to go and look for different opportunities abroad, specially to the US, where, most of them, try to get in illegaly, with no support from our government and no tolerance from the racist gringos.

Seems like nothing to celebrate when justice is blind and maybe terminally ill… where we are afraid of those we shouldn’t be, and not punish those who deserve it… When we all seem to have some kind of vaccine against justice, against what is fair. Where our government, shameless corrupt, is stealing the money of our taxes in our face… and yet we do nothing… Still, most of the mexicans prefer watching the soccer championship league.

Many people is not sure what are we exactly celebrating. In a country with an enormous cultural contrast, people coming from everywhere, and still we are all mexican. Do we all feel mexican?

What are we celebrating?

Is there anything to celebrate at all?

I say yes.

I say we should celebrate our big hearts. I say, we should celebrate honest people. Joyful people. People who has nothing to hide when it comes to share a hug, a smile, a hand. I say, we should celebrate people that everyday works hard and truthful to bring the food to their places. I say, we celebrate the talent.

I say we celebrate our great culture, because even if for a lot of people we live the sequels of that spanish colony, we also have preserved our sacred pre-hispanic places, some of our important celebrations, food, art, and peculiar way of think. Even if we come from different backgrounds, we still are part of the same territory. I celebrate the sun, the sky, the soil; I celebrate the poetry, the art, the creativity, I celebrate the charm, the smile, the heart of all mexicans.

We are a good, mixed race. We are the kind of people who will find happiness in every circumstance. We are super strong. We mexicans, love to help others, even if it means to keep the half of our own goods. No people in the world are as solidars as we are. We mexicans love to talk, listen and share. We mexicans, passionate, when it comes to art, to culture, to principles. We mexicans, inclusive, tolerant, generous with everyone. Or at least, most of my best friends, best examples, are like this.

I celebrate my mexican vein. I celebrate my mexican family, my mexican friends. I celebrate all of my volunteer mates who, each time are changing lives. I celebrate my mexican culture, history, traditions which I love. I celebrate the language, because even if it is spanish, we mexicans speak it in a particular way, and have given a lot of meaningful words to spanish. I celebrate the colors, the music, the joy and the love that we all mexicans carry in our blood.

But most of all, I celebrate my mexican vision of Mexico; a country that will not loose its charm, is warm hospitality, its heart, but yet will become stronger against what is wrong. Which will not let the bad guys terror us, which will allow the talents and the generous to grow in a fertile ground.

I can say for sure, that I have been working to make this a better country. I have met incredible people in this journey and specially at Risaterapia. I have met here the people with the biggest and warmest hearts in the whole world. People that give their time and love for the sake and good of others. I have seen here how the hope has been growing, for people living in cities with a lot of violence. I have also seen how the seeds of love are now in a slow but effective process of growth, with the children volunteers. There is nothing that gives me more hope, not only for Mexico but for the whole world.

My vision may be a bit optimistic. I’m soon moving to a different country, but Mexico will not be only in my heart but in my work. I know that I’ll be doing a lot for my country and for my people, no matter where I am. I’ll find the way. Because when someone loves her country as I love mine, there is simply no way of being apart. And I thank my Mexico for showing me how to be also a good citizen for the world.

So, let’s have a toast for Mexico: For all the good mexicans we know, for all the good people that are making more and more, to make this a better country. For the hope and might that we are putting to end the violence, the injustice, the poverty.

For all the mexicans that make this, a worthy place to live in. ¡Viva México!


Mexican Flag, I always feel touched by it.

p.s. This note has been written in English so I can share my love and admiration for my country, for people from other countries. So the people I love, who are abroad can understand my personal celebration… Most of my mexican friends already know it, and share it. With love and respect.


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